Working with us

This is a unique opportunity to get closer to Silicon Valley and be part of world famous teams.

We will offer everything that will help you achieve your career goals and we believe that investment in development is our greatest value. We have career plans, grading models, mentors with huge technical and managerial experience. All processes are as transparent and understandable as possible, consistent with personal goals on a personal level and meet the expectations and desires of our employees. We are interested in developing soft and hard skills, expanding the technology stack, and we help in this development.

Working with us, you gain a new level of responsibility and freedom: we have no bureaucracy, we are against total control and strive to create all conditions for the maximum disclosure of everyone's capabilities.

We are united by a culture of growth and development: this allows us to open offices in new countries, scale teams, and for each of us - to have a chance to implement our ideas, initiate new processes and technologies, and make our direct contribution to how the company develops.

We are destroying myths: we are growing, we are implementing projects that everyone knows about, but we remain light, simple and open in communication. We have the most friendly atmosphere, and corporate life is what we treat with great love and attention. We do not just work together, but also spend our free time, share hobbies with each other, pay attention to children, parents and even grandparents of employees. It is important for us to get together with the whole team from all over the country for parties and corporate events that are legendary

You'll also find

Travel to Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Seattle

Trips to our clients to share experiences and meet America's best engineers.

Ability to relocate abroad

We have 10 offices around the world, our employees have the opportunity to relocate and work from new locations, but the main direction, is still the United States.


There are also internal hackathons, lectures on cutting edge technologies, and courses on algorithms and data structure.

Open source projects

We support and even participate together in the development of TOR and architecture and can implement the idea in an internal company project.

Growth and beyond projects

We organize participation in mitaps, workshops and conferences. We try to do our best to develop a professional community.

Flexible schedule

Also remote work. We value good relationships. Therefore, if tasks are solved in time, we agree on individual conditions.

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